Saturday, October 23, 2010

Red Engine Advanced Environment Design week 1 Home Work

Here is my week 1 homework for Jung Parks Advanced Env. Design class.  I spent most of the week working on this drawing which cut into the time I needed to spend working on my other classes home works.  I need to manage my time better now that I have a lot on my plate with the three classes I am taking.

It was very fun working in only pencil, I haven't drawn like this for a long time.  I kept wanting to ctrl. Z for undo but didn't have that option with the traditional medium.  I definitely caught a lot of details that I would have missed if just doing this in Photoshop and feel like after this pencil drawing, my digital paintings will get much better.


  1. Sweet Gurmukh!
    Keep it up man.
    see you inthe class

  2. Hi Gurmukh..Found this great image while searching for oil rig images and wondering if I can use this on my twitter page as a background image. I am working on developing a new company and think it fits well with our image. Appreciate any and all help and consideration.